11/27/2007 New sections and videos:
video trials of the concert
video autograph of the cap
video inauguration "area Japan"
video Lost Odyssey Main Theme
11/20/2007 Editing video completed, phase of image editing, sound digital retouching and other details
11/09/2007 Added a new trailer


For the first time in Italy the master Nobuo Uematsu has presented a concert of Final Fantasy, performed by the Orchestra "Nuovi eventi Musicali" composed by 74 instruments, a chorus of 33 elements and a vocal soprano.
The execution took place at the " Fortezza da Basso" in Florence in an improvised tend for the occasion. Althought the not perfect acoustic of the structure, the show was high level thanks to the brilliant performance of the orchestral group.

List of the songs performed:

01 FFVII ’’Opening~Bombing Mission’’(04’30’’)
02 FFVIII ’’Liberi Fatali’’(03’38’’)
03 FFX ’’To Zanarkand’’(03’35’’)
04 FFVI ’’Tina’s theme’’(05’17’’)
05 FFI~III Medley(08’42’’)
06 FFIV ’’Theme of Love’’(05’18’’)
07 BLUE DRAGON ’’Main Theme’’(03’20’’)
08 BLUE DRAGON ’’Waterside~for Piano and Orchestra’’(03’30’’)
09 LOST ODYSSEY ’’Main Theme’’(04’15’’)
10 FFVII ’’Aerith’s Theme’’(05’50’’)
11 FF ’’Final Fantasy’’(03’20’’)
12 FFVII ’’One Winged Angel’’(06’30’’)