Final Fantasy Music through Time


I prepared a mix of Final Fantasy songs that I left to Nobuo Uematsu the 27/10/07 after the trials of the concert.
The title is "Final Fantasy Music Through Time". The basic construction of the mix is taking an original audio track of the game (Nes, Supernes, Playstation), evolve in the various arrangements (piano, rock, symphonic, celtic, vocal) by mixing the transaction.
The total duration is 4 hours .

Here the list of tracks and a couple of Beta demo without corrections and equalized (as soon as possible I update the songs):

FF1 Matoya
FF2 Battle
FF4 Main theme
Passaggo FF5 clash on the bridge

Final Fantasy I
Prelude ~ Nes OSV, Vocal
Overworld Music ~ Nes OSV, Playstation OSV, Vocal, Orchestral
Matoya's Cave ~ Nes OSV, SuperNes Remix, Rock, Vocal, Orchestral, Remix
Battle Scene ~ Nes OSV, Playstation OSV, Rock

Final Fantasy II
Prelude ~ Nes OSV, Playstation OSV
Battle Scene II ~ Nes OSV, Rock, Remix, Orchestral
Main Theme ~ Nes OSV, Vocal, Orchestral

Final Fantasy III
Prelude ~ Nes OSV, Arranged
Crystal Cave ~ Nes OSV, NDS OSV, Arranged
Battle Theme ~ Nes OSV, NDS OSV, Rock, Arranged
Eternal Wind ~ Nes OSV, NDS OSV, Vocal, Arranged
Cute Little Tozas ~ Nes OSV, NDS OSV, Vocal
Elia, the Maiden of Wate ~ Vocal, Nes OSV, NDS OSV, Arranged
The Boundless Ocean ~ Nes OSV, NDS OSV, Vocal
This is the Last Battle ~ Nes OSV, Rock, Arranged

Final Fantasy IV
The Prelude ~ SuperNes OSV, Celtic
Main Theme ~ SuperNes OSV, Vocal, Celtic
Red Wings ~ SuperNes OSV, Orchestral
Theme of Love ~ Piano, SuperNes OSV, Celtic, Vocal, Orchestral
Rydia ~ SuperNes OSV, Celtic
The Dreadful Fight ~ SuperNes OSV, Rock
The Final Battle ~ SuperNes OSV, Rock

Final Fantasy V
The Prelude ~ SuperNes OSV
Ahead On Our Way ~ SuperNes OSV, Arranged, Piano
The Day Will Come ~ SuperNes OSV, Vocal
My Home Sweet Home ~ SuperNes OSV, Arranged, Vocal
Dear Friends ~ SuperNes OSV, Arranged, Vocal
Battle With Gilgamesh ~ SuperNes OSV, Rock, Piano

FinalFantasy VI
Prelude ~ SuperNes OSV
Terra ~ SuperNes OSV, Orchestral, Piano, Vocal
Battle Theme ~ SuperNes OSV, Rock
The Mystic Forest ~ Piano, SuperNes OSV, Arranged
Kefka ~ Piano, SuperNes OSV, Arranged
Ouverture ~ SuperNes OSV, Orchestral
Celes ~ Piano, SuperNes OSV, Orchestral
The Wedding ~ SuperNes OSV, Orchestral
The Decisive Battle ~ Piano, Rock, SuperNes OSV
Kids Run Through The City Corner ~ Vocal, Arranged, SuperNes OSV, Piano
Relm ~ Vocal, Arranged, SuperNes OSV
Dancing Mad ~ Rock, SuperNes OSV

FinalFantasy VII
Prelude ~ Playstation OSV
Opening Theme - Bombing Mission ~ Playstation OSV, Advent Children, Orchestral
Still More Fighting ~ Playstation OSV, Rock
Main Theme of FFVII ~ Playstation OSV, Orchestral, Piano
J-E-N-O-V-A ~ Rock, Playstation OSV, Advent Children
Aerith's Theme ~ Piano, Playstation OSV, Orchestral , Vocal
One Winged Angel ~ Playstation OSV, Orchestral, Advent Children

FinalFantasy VIII
Ouverture ~ Playstation OSV
Don't Be Afraid ~ Playstation OSV, Orchestral
Love Grows ~ Playstation OSV, Vocal, Orchestral
Force Your Way ~ Playstation OSV, Rock
Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec ~ Playstation OSV, Orchestral
The Man with the Machine Gun ~ Orchestral, Playstation OSV, Rock
Maybe I'm a Lion ~ Playstation OSV, Rock

FinalFantasy IX
Prelude ~ Playstation OSV
The place I'll return to someday ~ Playstation OSV, Arranged, Piano, Vocal
Hunter Chance ~ Playstation OSV, Rock
Vamo' alla Flamenco ~ Playstation OSV, Rock, Orchestral
Melodies of Life ~ Playstation OSV, Vocal, Piano

FinalFantasy X
Prelude ~ Playstation 2 OSV
Omen ~ Playstation 2 OSV, Orchestral, Rock
Seymour battle ~ Playstation 2 OSV, Rock


Final Fantasy Ending theme through time